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mercredi 9 avril 2014

Language and Style: David Peace GB84 Incipit and Pastiche

Language and Style 

(incipit de GB84 de David PEACE et pastiche en anglais)

30 mars 2012, 09:20

L'original d'abord : (incipit de GB 84  de David Peace) :

The Argument       
Harsh service station light. Friday 13 January, 1984 –
She puts a cigarette to her lips, a lighter to her cigarette.
A dog starv’d at his Master’s Gate –
He waits.
She inhales, her eyes closed. She exhales, her eyes open.
He picks at the solid red sauce on the plastic ketchup bottle.
‘early March,’ she says. ‘South Yorkshire.’
He rolls the solid red sauce into a soft bloody ball.
She stubs out the cigarette. She puts an envelope on the table.
He squashes the ball between his fingers and thumb –
Predicts the ruin of the State.
She stands up.
He shuts his eyes until she’s almost gone. The stink still here –

And now...
[roulement de tambour]

The "Le pastiche" 
À la manière de David PEACE :

Photo Août 2009
© Simone RINZLER
Photo Août 2009 © Simone Rinzler
"Photo moche - d'époque - en direct de mon bureau"
Série : Ne pas tricher sur le Réel

The Argument
Light fading. Neck muscles howling with pain. Friday February 29, 2008 ‑.
She chews her nicotine gum, spits the gum, brings a mentholated cigarette to her lips, holds the lighter. Crrr… ‑ Crrr… She puts the unlit cigarette down. She bites her lips. She retrieves the half-chewed gum. She puts it back to her lips. She rolls soft and hard matter between thumb and index.
Chirp, chirp, chirp. Spring has stared early.
He remains silent. Reads in silence. Stops reading. He waits. He goes up. To-ing and fro-ing. Hall – garage ‑ hall.
No time for rest. No time to relax.
Her master’s voice unheard of –
Time for lunch.
She types. Control Z: undo. Types again. Control Z. Undoes again. Control Z – Control Z ‑ Out of control. That won’t do. That won’t do. That won’t do. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tapitty, tapppita, tappity, tap. Full stop.
That won’t do again. Hell! That will do!
“’ll be right down in a sec” she says. Types again. “Wait a mo‑ ‘m not over yet” Types again.
Tapitty, Tapitty, Tapitty, Tapitty, Tapitty, Tapitty, Tap. TAP. T – A – P.
Six to twelve. Time for lunch.
Why am I doing this? Why AM I doing this? Why am I doing this?
Language ‑ Control
Creek. He goes back to the garage.
She throws away her tasteless stomach-rending gum. Disgust. Hate. Fear.
Creek. Back to the house. He looks for his electric saw. Finds it. Goes back to garage. Door creeking.
Chirp, chirp, chirp. Spring. Lack of spring.
Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this?
Chainsaw whining outside. Zeeeoooing.
He’s doing it. Said he would do it. Is doing it. Has done it.
She types. Goes on typing. She’s doing it. She is undoing it. She is doing it. She has not done it. She has not finished. Not yet. Wait. She has not made it.
Why am I doing this? Why am I‑? Why ‑?
The lecturer goes on with her assessment. Pretends she likes it. Hates it. Loathes it. Loves it. She’s done it. Over. To you.
Language ‑ out of control.
Research – out of control.
Politicslanguagesociety. Control: out of control.
Language – Control.
Language control.

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