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dimanche 19 octobre 2014

You can...

You can. Can do it. Just do it. Jest do it. Jest. Do it. But you won't.

You can. Undo it. Just undo it. Undo what. Undo that. Undo this. Undo what. Ever, you don't.

You can. Can catch me. If you can. But you can't. You can catch 'em, can catch him, can catch 'erm, can Catch Jim, can catch her, can't. You can. In Kazak. In Cossack. In Cusak. In purfrock. Can't.

You can. Understand. What. I mean. Lucky you, if you can. You should know, you should know. That  you can't. Can't do this. Can't do that. If you could, yes, you would. B'd U Kan't.

You can. You can it. You can can it. Can it, Ethel. Can it, Esther. Can it Edith. Call it Nathan.  Can it Nathan. Nathan, Hatier and the like. But they're there. Yep, all there. Yeah'r. Yeah'r in. Yeah'r out.

You can do. Something you dont. Unnerstand. You dont know. You dunno. No. You won't. You won't know. BaddeyWill.

© Simone Rinzler | 19 octobre 2014 - All rights reserved